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The ESCHE is an old factory building in Hamburg. A place where we work, where we live and where we support! Our showroom has been here since 2018. The ESCHE- is also a place for children, where they can explore their creativity!

The Esche Jugendkunsthaus has been offering free creative courses for adolescents since 2016 - from breakdancing and graffiti to singing and rap, drama, drawing classes and so much more. In the workshops, kids and teens can discover their artistic skills without the pressure of expectations and grades. Around 200 young people attend the Esche's offerings every week.  

Christian "Beat Boy" Delles, graffiti artist and artistic director of the Esche, explains why the project NICE SNEAKERS UNDER THE HAMMER was so unique: "Not only do projects like NICE produce great works of art, but more importantly, young people learn about role models and become role models themselves." The Esche's mission is to continue to inspire young people about art and support their artistic development."

 "Whenever children with fewer opportunities and chances are helped, I'm there. There are few things more important!" says Jan Delay, who also designed a pair of sneakers himself for the NICE campaign. The artwork comes from well-known German stars such as Flo Mega, Simon Nelke, Gita Kurdpoor, Elmar Lause and Skore 79. In addition to the renowned street artists and visual artists, samples were also designed by the young people in the graffiti workshops at the Esche."

The personnel consultancy FIVE14 initiated and organized the auction of the sneakers, the proceeds of which flowed entirely into the free offer of creative courses for young people at the Esche in Hamburg-Altona.

"After more than two years of a pandemic, in which culture, but above all young people, had to experience special restrictions, we want to use this campaign to set an example for artistic freedom, which young people need more than ever." Says Andreas Fleischmann, the managing director of the organization.

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The old Indian spoke: "Tell your children they don't have to become anything. Tell your children that they already are. Don't take it lightly just to try to educate your children. Go for it and let them be who they are!"
-Cherokee Saying-
We can only agree! Giving children confidence and courage is crucial for their future!

NICE was a great event, we want more of it! That's why we bought rapper Bee Low's unique artwork at auction.

We thought it matched our monster outfits perfectly!

So that there can be such a campaign again soon, we are donating this year's christmas proceeds from the 2ndLOVE shop to the Esche. 

We appreciate your support for youth work in our district.


Antje and Cyrus

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