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The new BIKE & HIKE collection is spring and summer!

Inspired by the trend of cycling in the city and hiking in nature, WeeDo has developed its first spring / summer collection with light wind and rain jackets, rain pants and rain capes. Also new on offer: cozy sleeping bag vests.

With the new BIKE & HIKE collection into spring and summer 2022. BIRDY and BUTTERFLY are now included as summer and rain jackets, rain pants, rain ponchos and rain hats. WeeDo has developed cozy sleeping bag vests for little explorers, adventurers, campers and cuddly monsters.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only wrong clothing!" With this parenting wisdom, children in rainy Hamburg like to get on their bikes in wind and weather. With the BIKE & HIKE collection, the argument about the wrong clothing is now obsolete - the offspring are included not only well equipped with the sustainable rainwear, the children are happy about the characteristic unicorn, butterfly or bird outfits.

As always, everything at WeeDo is functional and made of high-quality recycled polyester. The capes and jackets have large hoods with enough space for the helmet, while an inner lining with elastic stops the wind on your face without the hood restricting your field of vision.

Anyone who lives in Hamburg knows that the saying “bad weather” applies in particular to everyday trips by bike. In WeeDo's northern German hometown, the weather isn't always kind, usually you have to be prepared for rain, even if you get on your bike in the sunshine. The new BIKE & HIKE collection is THE answer to the current cargo bike trend: Suddenly it starts raining, quickly pull the rain cape over the child and the helmet, the child stays dry - the ride goes on!



"We want our children to be protected in all weather - no matter where their adventures take them," says Antje about the new WeeDo BIKE & HIKE collection. "Our colorful rain capes, jackets and pants are a welcome change in the rather bland outdoor market."

At WeeDo, transparency, flexibility and added value have always been just as important as fun design. Like the snowsuits, the new collection is made from recycled plastic and fibers from the REPREVE brand as well as from overproduction - sustainability at its best. There is more about sustainability in the next blog post and in the video here!.


The very best outdoor dreams thanks to a cozy sleeping bag vest.

At the end of a long, active day outdoors, WeeDo still has a particularly cozy novelty for all adventurers: the WeeDo Funwear sleeping vest is the cosiest travel companion for all outdoor and camping kids. Also a great cuddle buddy at home, which guarantees a unicorn dream!

sleeping bag vests for children


The most wonderful day should simply not come to an end. Time to get cozy around the campfire with some s'mores and a guitar. For outdoor and camping kids, there's nothing better than sliding into the land of dreams on their parents' laps, gazing into the flames. If you don't want to have to wake the little one again, it's a logistical challenge for parents: carry the child to bed asleep in their outdoor clothes? Change clothes while asleep and risk waking up? 

WeeDo solves the problem with their cocoon-like sleeping bag vest: as long as the little ones still have energy, the sleeping bag, which is open at the bottom, can be pulled up and locked in place with a drawstring so that they can continue playing and running around in the colorful unicorn, beetle or bear design. As soon as the children come to rest, the cozy sleeping bag can be closed at the bottom by zipper while the lined hood keeps the head nice and warm. The cozy warm night's rest of the little ones is so nothing stands in the way - unicorn dreams are guaranteed.

Even for an overnight stay with friends, the sleeping bag can be easily stowed away in the matching bag and taken anywhere.



The sleeping bag vests from WeeDo are produced in small quantities, sustainably and free of harmful substances. The material used complies with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) product standards. WeeDo also ensures more sustainability here by using REPREVE® fibers made from recycled material including used plastic bottles. The material used is PFC-free and Bluesign certified. Where packaging is necessary, bags made from recycled polyester are used.

Goodbye boredom, goodbye weather forecast – 365 days of outdoor fun!

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