Sold Out

Our new winter collection is on the way! Available in our shop from the end of September!


Antje - founder of Weedo - sought investment in The Lion's Den just six months ago. A lot has happened since then; Weedo has grown rapidly, and the small collection has grown into a large family! In her interview, she tells you how it was: 

How was it when you got approval to appear on the show?

I applied for the Lion's Den with Weedo Funwear via Sunny Pictures, although I thought I had missed the registration deadline. So I didn't expect anything.
However, the casting invitation came the next day.

During the casting, the kids were already tired out due to the long waiting time and that was a nightmare - nothing I had prepared actually worked out. Somehow, it just didn't seem meant to be.

In January, they actually got in touch with me. Weedo was scheduled to be feature on the show. But: at the end of January! That was impossible for me as a small label owner. After all, the trade shows take place around the end of January. So I had to cancel and thought: That was it now!

By the end of February I had made up my mind.I planned the rest of the year for Weedo and then bam, the phone rings ... could I be filmed this week?

I had to get back all the samples I had sent out as quickly as possible. I didn't have time to prepare a pitch at all. That happened on the way to the set… It was only then that I was able to contemplate, what am I doing here and what do I really want?

The dress rehearsal was the following day at 7am; I totally messed it up. I was so annoyed that I even briefly forgot it was about to happen for real. I walked through the door and there sat the investors.

Did you have any doubts during your performance that this won’t happen? Or were you convinced that it would work!

I actually thought everyone would opt out. No one likes to invest in textiles, least of all in a niche product, of which there are so many alternatives. Still, I was disappointed with everyone who backed out; though I couldn’t let it show and I actually didn't want to be mad.
Then it worked out with Georg, and I was really happy: Yes! I get support and I can get started! I was truly elated. 

What would advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

I would tell them that they should always stick to their vision - at most readjust it, and never to be discouraged! There is always a way.

AND NOW? What has happened since "The Lion's Den" pitch? See for yourself! New characters have been added to the Snowsuits. There is even a completely new product line in the starting blocks! From the end of September you can get to know our softshell suits for the first time! Initially in 2 different styles.

P.S. In the pictures you can see exclusive excerpts from the Public Viewing of our appearance at "The Lion's Den"!