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Affiliatly – earn money with WeeDo Funwear

This post today is all about Affiliatly, our partner program for you. For all of our WeeDo Funwear fans and those who want to become one, today we briefly explain how it's going. First of all: it is pretty easy and with little effort you can earn a percentage of WeeDo Funwear with Affiliatly.

What is Affiliatly good for?
Let's assume you are biiiig WeeDo fans and already have one or the other suit in use, wear the masks without ceasing or always pack your most important utensils in our fresh bags. Then, if you have your own blog or Instagram account, you can get started right away and earn money with the WeeDo products you have purchased with Affiliatly - namely 10% of the purchase price. These are e.g. 19,50 euros for a snowsuit! You can get a weekend ticket on the train or almost a pair of new gloves!

How does it work?
You simply click on our affiliate page and register with your data and then you can almost start! You can generate links if you want to present a certain product or link directly to the start page via your link prepared by affiliatly - so the customer has the free choice and you end up with a few extra pesetas in your wallet.

The payment is then made from an amount of 200 euros. This means that if 10 people have bought a snowsuit via your link, a snowsuit ends up in your account in the form of money.

You want to be a part of? Then click here and registrate!
Do you want to know more? Then write us!
Happy Selling!